Um (About)

Um (About)

Halló og velkomin á heimasíðuna mína!

My name is Asny Hrafnsdottir, and I am a 40 year old Icelandic woman living on a farmstead in (place undecided as yet) with my husband Bjorn inn hviti.  I spend my time taking care of our farmstead, tending to our animals and my herb garden, spinning, weaving, and making glass beads to trade with other people and increase our wealth.  My husband is a farmer, enjoys building things out of wood, and goes to the Alþing every year. When I have a moment, I fiddling with this interesting thing my husband brought back from a raid to a place across the sea to the south-west that they called a harp.  My husband knows I love music and when he found one of their people playing with this thing during a raid, he thought I would enjoy it.

About the name of this site – Islensk Husfreyja

Islensk is simply the Icelandic word for Iceland or Icelandic.

Husfreyja, when translated literally, means “housewife”, and that is the sense I am using it in mostly. But this word has a couple of other more nuanced meanings:

a) The first, most common meaning of “husfreyja” is that of a a woman who is basically a housekeeper. In cases where a young woman was just married, and for whatever reason had not yet learned to run a household herself, a husfreyja would be employed both to keep house, but also to teach the new wife how to take care of her household as well.
b) I’ve also seen the word used in the sense of being a domestic goddess. I have zero proof of this being an actual in-period use for this, though.

All of these work for me to some extent, and I also like the fact that it includes the term Freyja, who is a Norse goddess.

Hello and welcome to my website!

In the modern world, my name is Karla, and I’m a 40 year old Canadian woman living in the boreal region of BC, which is amazingly similar to Iceland in climate.  We spend 6-7 months per year covered in snow.  I work at a college, teach piano lessons part time, and in my spare time I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is a historical re-creation group.  My main area of interest is the Viking age, and my persona is an Icelandic woman in the early 900s.  My goal is to learn all of the skills that would be known by a good Icelandic farm wife, and this website is a chronicle of that process.  As a bonus, I’m building quite the robust post-apocalyptic skill set!  Modernly we have no children, so I have a decent amount of time in which to work on these projects.  My husband and I have a house on a quarter of an acre, and we have a big garden, a small flock of backyard chickens, and a bunch of indoor animals, including an Akita dog named Cody, whose persona is that of a Norwegian Buhund named Snorri.  My husband isn’t interested in the SCA, but I’ve given him the name Bjorn inn hviti so that I have something to refer to him by on this site. The name means Bear the White in Icelandic, and my husband identifies strongly with bears, and has mostly white hair.

Because we live quite some distance from the other SCA branches in our Kingdom (Avacal), I unfortunately don’t get to go to as many events as I would like.  Instead, I fill my time with projects like I write about on this website, and will be using this site to display them to others.